Harvard is the oldest and hence most prestigious university internationally. It has successfully produced numerous presidents of U.S., actors and has shaped human resource in almost every field. Due to its prestige and global reputation, the admission procedure and criterion have very high standards.  Excellence has always been paramount for the students who want or who have got admission in the university.

The students who aspire to get admitted to the Harvard University must maintain appreciable academic and extra-curricular skills from the early stages of life and must maintain the same level of excellence up to graduation. They must lay the solid academic foundation that could help them to attain excellence.

  1. Only having a solid academic foundation is not enough. The students who wish to be in Harvard must also demonstrate their academic performance. The best means to demonstrate the academic performance is by maintaining an appreciable GPA. Having good grades is the best means of getting into the university. Maintaining good grades in high school tells the admission panel that the applicant is hardworking and is willing to strive to achieve the organizational goals. Thus students must demonstrate the excellence in all the subjects so that the admission panel is forced to think that the student is willing to work under any field. However if your grades do not fall in the required range of the eligibility, do not get disheartened because there are more ways for it.
  2. Performing well in SAT, ACT and AP test is the another means of getting admitted to the university, the student must perform well in the tests in order to make the admission panel think that the candidate is hard working. Although it alone might not get you admitted, it will keep the panel interested in your application. Performance in SAT test may be improved by continuous trials. So students must give a try during the junior year so that they may get familiar with the level of test and can prepare accordingly. In the final year of school when students appear for the SAT test, the chances of improved performance are high. This will consequently impress the admission panel. Once your score falls under the eligibility criterion, do not forget to send your score to the university.
  3. The above two ways of getting admission to the university are based entirely on the academic performance of the students. Harvard does not only open its door for bookworms and hence the extra-curricular activities are also given equal importance for admissions. Thus one of the ways of impressing the admission panel is to show high excellence in one or more clubs during school years. The extra-curricular activities will frame a unique image of the applicant among the jury and hence this way of getting admitted is better. The students must focus on quality over quantity. It’s enough performing good in just one or two clubs rather than performing average in all the clubs. Have limited skills but sharpen them continuously in order to make the panel think about your application. Further, only joining a club is not enough. You must strive to become the leader of the club you join. This will improve your leadership skills and will make your application unique. It will make the panel think about your leadership skills.
  4. Apart from co-curricular clubs, students can also join the school band or sports team. The university gives a special advantage to the students who drop their application through sports quota. The students need not be national level players or musicians. Only interest and continuous learning in the field of interest attracts the admission panel. You must be dedicated towards it and must try to attain the position of the team captain.
  5. The university also gives a room to generosity and kindness. Students must be working on these skills as it is a great way of getting admitted to the university and attracting the panel. Students may volunteer in their local community or may volunteer in their school club. This may be done by finding opportunities to help the people. Students may volunteer to help children read and learn, volunteer the old people in their community or to keep the local community clean and healthy.
  6. Any student who fails to achieve excellence in any of the above fields may also get admitted to the university, provided they fill their application in a thoughtful manner. Students are required to fill either Common Application or Universal College Application for Harvard. This is the place where students need to provide the personal, academic and co-curricular skills along with work interest if any. While filling the application form, the students must be thorough. They must try to fill all the space provided without going beyond the limit and making it look messy. You must write in a good handwriting or use the computer for the same. Students must be impressive in the application. They must describe themselves, their activities, interests and hobbies in an impressive way that helps in bringing out the most vivid and genuine image of the applicant. It must be made sure that all the aspects of the application are complete before submitting it.
  7. A personal interview is another way of being admitted to the university. In order to succeed in the interview, the applicant must meet any alumni in order to collect the information about the jury and the University. The applicant must be prompt, polite and engaging during the personal interview. They must go through some of the basic interview questions and must prepare their answer. The applicant must try not to be clever and misleading. Yet he must be smart and impressive. He must paint himself in the most appropriate and realistic manner. Personal interviews at Harvard are the most efficient means of selecting the students.
  8. There are online means of getting admitted to the college. The Harvard University also provides the facility to apply online for the course. The online application will be followed by online interviews. The interview may either be materialized by video conferencing or by simply calling. The selection procedure may be any but the judgment is assured to be reliable and valid. So students who wish to get admitted to the Harvard must start to prepare accordingly and must figure out the most appropriate way of getting admission to the university.