College life is the most stressful and tiring phase of a student’s life, not only academically, but also mentally and emotionally. Young minds are subjected to sudden changes, in fact, drastic changes, and are expected to cope with them at the earliest. This leads to struggle within their minds and life.

The degree of struggle varies from student to student according to the degree of change to which they are subjected. Yet the major struggles faced by most of the students during the first year of college are summarized here along with the possible steps to prevent excessive stress.

1. The first and foremost struggle is the pang of separation from parental care and love. The unripe minds are supposed to move away from the shelter of parental love and care. They need to struggle a lot in order to survive in a completely new environment.

2. Coupled with the previous issue, arises another struggle, particularly for the hostellers. They need to cope with a new prominent buddy as a room-mate. They now have to struggle to share the space and privacy with a complete new fellow. Having a roommate may be a blessing and curse equally, depending upon the bond that the two share and the degree to which they are willing to indulge with each other.

3. The unscheduled break hours due to lectures and guest lectures cause the irregularities in eating habits. This may have an adverse effect on the health of a student, making him physically weak. Loss of appetite and irritation are closely linked to the same issue.

4. The unstructured college schedule causes the students to overlook the importance and use of time management and consequently the art of efficient and effective time management is lost in students. They now feel it difficult to devote time to different activities and as a result, they have to suffer in one or another aspect. There are many online websites for any education help like assignment help, homework help, dissertation help, exam test etc. Such type of websites can reduce your burden.

5. The academic and social changes induce changes in the study pattern and duration of students, as a result students need to focus and struggle more in order to maintain an expected constant graph of performance. The academic struggle is a major one and is faced by almost every student during the first year. The teaching and supervision style changes which are the root cause of this struggle. Students who are obsessed towards their performance tend to cram the topics and throw out the same in the examinations with a view to scoring full credits. This attitude adds more to the struggle.

6. The hectic schedule usually adds to the level of stress of a student. The stress levels increasing up to or beyond the appreciable levels may cause emotional lows to the students. The emotional lows may be temporary or permanent. The short term emotional lows are easy to overcome but a continued emotional low may lead to loss of peace of mind and may consequently lead to depression.

7. Man, being a social animal, likes to interact with the fellow members and form bonds. The college life brings together students and as a result offers great opportunities to make friends. Lucky are the ones who make numerous new friends and establish connections with the fellow students. They need to talk, spend time together and discuss the common interests, goals and views. This task of making the community is also a form of struggle. Spending too much time in the public and social relations may lead to the struggle in other aspects of the college. Social relations may be a distraction too, especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

8. College is usually observed to have special rituals. These may be restricted to the college itself and may vary from college to college. Each college thus has a unique set of forms, procedures and code of conduct. For instance, the terms like convocation, deans and provost may be new to a first-year student. Thus students may struggle to cope with the new culture, tradition, rules, regulations and unwritten codes of conduct that are explicit to be followed.

9. Maintaining healthy and good relations with the seniors and teaching staff in the college might be another struggle for the fresher. They need to keep in touch with their seniors and must not only praise their views and beliefs but also follow them. Coping with this might be another struggle for the students who are not gelled up easily with the new people.

10. Although college life is a most enjoyable phase of student’s life yet, it may be very hectic, stressful and struggling. The struggle can be considerably reduced by proper co-ordination between fresher, seniors and teaching staff. Recreational and stress management activities must be an integral part of the college curriculum to enable students to deal with stress and therefore reducing the degree of struggle and easing it for the freshers to gel up easily, within themselves and with the teachers.